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Our story began in 2004, while operating Restoration Family Services, Inc. (RFS), a Mental Health/Substance Use Disorder Organization in North Carolina, Kino & Renee Jones, leaders of the organization, were often approached by clients, other colleagues, and even stakeholders in the community asking if RFS provided any natural alternatives to medication due to the increased negative side-effects to numerous medications.  For several years, they (Kino & Renee) began to research and study essential oils, which were introduced to them by one of their staff members.


As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) in North Carolina, Renee worked with many clients dealing with substance use, stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and many other substance use/mental health issues who were seeking a more natural healing.  Renee began to commit her time to learning about essential oils and its benefits by attending workshops, trainings, and online courses. In her amazement of learning about the essential oil’s benefits, she became an avid user herself and was motivated to bring this powerful information to her clients while also believing that one day she and her husband, Kino, would have their own essential oil’s brand as a natural alternative for wellness.

Our Story Renee & Kino Jones

Kino & Renee Jones
POMBEY Essential Oils

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POMBEY Essential Oils Logo Design

Kino is a United States Army Veteran who served his country proudly, and also has a deep desire to assist veterans.  He often comes in contact with fellow veterans that deals with PTSD, pain, insomnia, and many other mental and physical issues.  In 2017, Kino joined the essential oils industry, working and learning the natural benefits of essential oils while hearing first hand testimonies from customers about the uplifting and pain-relieving benefits.  In April 2018, while on vacation at the beach in North Carolina, God gave Kino, in a dream, the name of the essential oil’s brand, that he and Renee had been seeking. The name that Kino saw in the dream was “POMBEY” which was revealed to mean “Power Of the Magnificent nature Bringing Essential oils to You”, thereby POMBEY was born!  Shortly after returning home from vacation, they contacted their sons, Kenyel (US Army) and Kendrick (President/Insurance Broker), to get their input.  They both were excited and immediately on board with the brand.  In May 2018, Kino contacted his cousin, Virgil Coley, who resides in Germany, is an amazing artist/web designer to assist with POMBEY.  He has become a vital member of the POMBEY Essential Oils Team, spending countless hours perfecting the design.


We, the POMBEY Essential Oils Team, are committed to providing affordable and high quality essential oils, promoting wellness, education, and community/global outreach.